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WHEN: On Saturday, July 28, 2012 the new Miami International Airport (MIA) Metrorail station (3800 NW 25 Street) located at the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) opens for MDT rail service.

Effective July 22, 2012, Metrobus routes 7, 37, 42 , 57, J (110), 150 (Airport Flyer) , 238, and the new 297 begin to provide bus service at this location (prior to the start of rail service).

Only the 133 (TriRail-Airport Shuttle) continues to operate from the Airport Terminal E and J free-of-charge.  The Ticket Vending Machine or TVM (Terminal E) will be removed with the change to revenue bus service at the Airport.  TVMs will be available at the MIA Metrorail station for bus and rail customers. 

More details will become available prior to implementation of bus service adjustments and the opening of the Miami International Airport Metrorail station.



WHAT: With the July 28, 2012 opening of the MIA Metrorail station, MDT offers new Metrorail service to and from Miami International Airport via the ORANGE LINE, which operates between Dadeland South and the MIA Metrorail station. 

The GREEN LINE is the long-established north and southbound rail service between the Palmetto station and Dadeland South.  GREEN LINE trains do not travel to the MIA Metrorail station. 

HOW: The northbound Orange Line travels from the Dadeland South Metrorail station (and all rail stations north up to and including Earlington Heights) to the new MIA station.

The southbound Orange Line travels from the MIA Metrorail station to the Earlington Heights station, then to all rail stations south to the Dadeland South Metrorail station.

Metrorail passengers traveling between Dadeland South and Earlington Heights can board either the ORANGE or GREEN LINE.  More frequent Metrorail service will be available between Dadeland South and Earlington Heights as these stations and all stations between will be served by both the ORANGE and GREEN LINE.   




Metrorail passengers at the MIA Metrorail station, whose destinations are north of Earlington Heights, board the ORANGE LINE then transfer free at Earlington Heights to the northbound Metrorail GREEN LINE.  

Metrorail passengers who wish to travel to the Airport and board a train north of Earlington Heights (GREEN LINE) can transfer free at Earlington Heights to the northbound ORANGE LINE train, which enters the MIA Metrorail station.



Passengers who are transferring between trains must remain within the paid areas of a station to transfer free-of-charge.

HOURS: Metrorail service remains available seven days a week, between 5 a.m. and midnight.

FARE: The transit fare remains $2.  Rail-to rail transfers within the rail station are free, as long as passengers do not exit the rail faregates.  No changes have been made to the current MDT fare structure.  The Airport Flyer continues to have an express fare of $2.35.  Like all MDT rail stations, the MIA Metrorail station has TVMs.

MIA MOVER: The free MIA Mover travels between the MIA Metrorail station and the Airport.  The trip takes less than 5 minutes and MIA Mover cars arrive and depart frequently. 

From the Airport follow the HOT PINK directional signs to the MIA Mover

Bus passengers at the MIA Metrorail station Bus Plaza (Level 1) need only travel to the Connector Level (Level 4) of the station structure.  Elevators, escalators and stairs on the west side of Bus Plaza provide direct access to the Connector Level and the MIA Mover.

Rail passengers travel up one level from the rail platform (Level 3) to the Connector Level (4). 

BUS STOPS: All MDT bus stops are at the ground level of the MIA Metrorail station.   Signs at the bus bays identify specific routes.



Parking is NOT available at the MIA Metrorail station

OTHER: Parking ($4 daily) continues to be available at other Metrorail stations including: Dadeland North, Dadeland South, South Miami, University, Douglas Road, Coconut Grove, Vizcaya, Santa Clara, Allapattah, Brownsville, Earlington Heights, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Northside, Hialeah, Okeechobee, and Palmetto.   

OVERNIGHT: Overnight parking is being introduced with the MIA Metrorail station opening at the Earlington Heights (access 24 hours daily), South Miami and Okeechobee Metrorail stations (access both sites only during regular station hours 5a.m. to midnight).  

Overnight parking at the referenced stations is from opening to noon the next day.  Patrons can use any available space.

COST: Parking is $4 per day for regular daily and overnight parking.  Patrons can only purchase one day overnight parking at the TVMs at the referenced stations.  The MDT Monthly Parking Permit is honored for overnight parking.

MULTI-DAY PARKING: Multiple-day (up to 30 days) parking is also available at Earlington Heights, South Miami and Okeechobee at a cost of $4 per day.  A web site, the EASY Card Center, and Transit Services Centers at Government Center and Overtown will be activated for these parking pass sales as we get closer to the opening of the MIA Metrorail station.  Customers who have purchased parking and need to extend their parking pass will also have a remote option for additional days.  The MDT Monthly Parking Permit is honored for multi-day parking.


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