Florida MPO Advisory Council Transportation Revenue Study

The MPOAC is currently conducting a two-year study effort to develop recommendations for addressing the issues of sustainable revenue for surface transportation capital investments and transportation operations in Florida. The objective of the initiative, Analysis of Transportation Revenue Options for Florida, is to develop policy recommendations and suggested legislative approaches to implement a set of revenue measures that address the transportation funding needs in Florida. Recommendations will be provided for the short, medium and long term time horizons.  The effort relies on previous work defining surface transportation needs and focuses on the identification of sustainable, innovative and politically acceptable measures to assist in meeting the mobility needs for Floridians. 

At its April 26, 2012 meeting, the MPOAC voted to transmit information to the legislature and Governor on the State’s unfunded transportation needs and the 14 options to reduce the funding shortfall and endorsed the top six revenue options for initiation of legislative action to implement those items.

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Project Manager: Howard Glassman, Florida MPO Advisory Council, (850) 414-4037
Principal Investigator: Steve Reich, Center for Urban Transportation Research, (813) 974-6435

Previous Meetings:
January 26, 2012 Joint Workshop Materials
September 15, 2011 Meeting Materials
September 15, 2011 Meeting Agenda (draft)
September 15, 2011 Meeting Presentation
March 3, 2011 Meeting Materials
December 10, 2010 Meeting Materials
December 10, 2010 Minutes
Situational Analysis (draft)
September 10, 2010 Meeting Materials
September 10, 2010 Minutes (draft) 

Full Revenue Study Presentation
Revenue Study Citizen's Overview
Revenue Study Citizen's Overview Presentation Template for MPOs

News and Opinion:
Editorial: Let's do roadwork

Letter to Governor Scott on study findings
April Progress Update
Letter of Support from Governor Crist
Announcement of Study from Mayor Kaplan

Study Advisory Committee Members

Michael Howe (Chair), Executive Director, Sarasota/Manatee MPO
Lisa Bacot, Executive Director, Florida Public Transportation Association
Carrie Blanchard, Director of Research and Public Policy, Florida Chamber of Commerce
Janet E. Bowman, Director of Legislative Policy & Strategies, Nature Conservancy of Florida
Bob Burleson, Executive Director, Florida Transportation Builders Association
Casey Cook, Legislative Associate, Florida League of Cities
tom DiGiacomo, Executive Director, Florida Transportation Commission
Susan Hann, American Public Works Association Florida Chapter
Bill Johnson, Executive Director, Florida Airports Council
Richard J. Kaplan, Mayor of Lauderhill, Florida MPO Advisory Council
Eric Poole, Assistant Legislative Director, Florida Association of Counties
Mary Lou Rajchel, Chief Executive Officer, Florida Trucking Association
Michael Rubin, Vice President, Florida Ports Council
Matthew D. Ubben, President, Floridians for Better Transportation
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