January 30, 2019


Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Time: 9:00 am – The Freight Committee
10:30 am – The Noteworthy Practices Working Group
12:00 am – The Staff Directors’ Advisory Committee
3:00 pm – The MPOAC Governing Board
Location: Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside
7499 Augusta National Drive
Orlando, Florida 32822
Announcement MPOAC Meeting Notice (45.4 KiB)
Agenda MPOAC Governing Board Meeting Agenda (357.9 KiB)
Staff Directors Meeting Agenda (361.1 KiB)
MPOAC Freight Committee Agenda (289.0 KiB)
Noteworthy Practices Agenda (413.2 KiB)
Packages MPOAC Governing Board Meeting Package (4.6 MiB)
Staff Directors Meeting Agenda Package (5.9 MiB)
Noteworthy Practices Agenda Package (2.5 MiB)
Minutes MPOAC Governing Board Draft Meeting Minutes (216.3 KiB)
MPOAC Staff Directors Draft Meeting Minutes (218.7 KiB)
Presentations North Florida TPO - Smart Region Presentation (8.0 MiB)
MPOAC Staff Directors' Presentations (5.1 MiB)
MPOAC Governing Board Presentations (5.1 MiB)
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