Freight Committee

Florida MPO Advisory Council Freight Committee

The Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC) created the Freight Advisory Committee in April 2013 to serve as a clearinghouse of actionable ideas that allow Florida’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to foster and support sound freight planning and freight initiatives. The members of the Freight Advisory Committee seek to understand the economic effects of proposed freight-supportive projects; foster relationships between public agencies with responsibilities for freight movement and private freight interests; and reduce policy barriers to goods movement to, from, and within Florida.

The Chair of the MPOAC Freight Committee is Gregory Stuart (Executive Director of the Broward MPO) and the Vice-Chair is Gary Huttman (Deputy Executive Director of MetroPlan Orlando). The Freight Committee will meet as necessary throughout the year in concert with the statewide meetings of the MPOAC.


Gregory Stuart
Broward MPO

Greg Slay
Capital Region TPA

Carlos Roa
Miami-Dade MPO

Gary Harrell
Charlotte County-Punta Gorda MPO

Gary Huttmann
MetroPlan Orlando

Jeff Sheffield
North Florida TPO

Nick Uhren
Palm Beach MPO

Peter Buchwald
St. Lucie TPO

document - Freight CommitteeMPOAC Freight Committee Vision & Mission (165.0 KiB)
document - Freight CommitteeFreight Priorities Project List (333.9 KiB)


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