Noteworthy Practices Working Group

The Florida MPO Advisory Council (MPOAC) Governing Board approved the MPOAC Strategic Directions Plan in April 2016. The Strategic Directions Plan identified an organizational mission statement and guiding principles for the agency, a road map for building on the good work performed by the MPOAC in support of Florida’s 27 MPOs. Goal A of that Plan proposed, “The MPOAC will support the sharing of best practices, and help coordinate and communicate with members and other organizations,” including convening working groups. The Best Practices Working Group was formed in January 2017, and later renamed the Noteworthy Practices Working Group to better reflect its evolving mission. The purpose of the Noteworthy Practices Working Group is to highlight the good work of the MPOs in Florida, allow members of the MPOAC to learn from each other, and elevate the state of the practice of metropolitan transportation planning across the state.”

The Vice-Chair of the MPOAC Noteworthy Practices Working Group is Peter Buchwald (Executive Director of the St. Lucie TPO). The Noteworthy Practices Working Group will meet as necessary throughout the year in concert with the statewide meetings of the MPOAC.




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