Map of Metropolitan Planning Organizations in Florida - Documents

MPOAC Factsheets cover - Documents

MPOAC Brochure 2019 Cover - Documents

2016 MPOAC Strategic Directions Plan Cover - Documents

MPOAC Administrative Materials
2016 MPOAC Strategic Direction Plan
2019 Membership List
Unified Planning Work Program FY 2019-2020
MPOAC Bylaws (January 2017)
MPOAC Governing Board Job Description

MPOAC Policy Documents
2019 Freight Priorities Project List
2019 Summary of State Legislation
2019 Legislative Priorities & Policy Positions
Florida TPM Consensus Planning Agreement
Summary of Federal Performance Measurement Targets in Florida
MPOAC Federal Transportation Policy Positions
MPOAC Comments on the MPO Coordination and Planning Area Reform NPRM
MPOAC Comments on the National Performance Management Measures NPRM
MPOAC Comments on the Federal Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Transportation Planning

Florida MPO Information
Florida MPO Areas Map
MPO Program Management Handbook
LRTP Adoption Schedule
Florida 2000-2010 Census Urbanized Area (Maps)
MPO LRTP Planning and Financial Guidelines

State and Federal Policy Documents
Performance Measures - Methodology and Data Sources
FTP-SIS Policy Element
FTP-SIS Policy Plan
FTP-SIS Vision Element
Transportation Performance Management
FSH Safety Plan
Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning

Research Documents
Complete Streets Best Practices Summary Report
Complete Streets Best Practices Appendix A
Review Of MPO Regional Planning, Decision Making, And Coordinated Project Implementation - Final Report
Review Of MPO Regional Planning, Decision Making, And Coordinated Project Implementation - Related Brochure
Ahead of the Curve: State of Transportation Planning 2013
Florida MPO Fact Sheets
2013 Review of MPO Long Range Transportation Plans

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