Governing Board

The MPOAC Governing Board, the decision making body for the MPOAC, consists of one representative from each MPO in the State (27). Each MPO may also appoint an alternate representative from each MPO to vote in the absence of the representative. The MPOAC Governing Board elects a chairperson and a vice-chairperson annually from its membership.

Governing Board Officers

Commissioner Nick Maddox 100x150 - Governing Board

Governing Board Chair
Commissioner Nick Maddox

Capital Region TPA

Mayor Kathy Meehan 100x150 - Governing Board

Governing Board Vice Chair
Mayor Kathy Meehan

Space Coast TPO


Commissioner Bill Dozier 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Bill Dozier

Bay County TPO

Commissioner Sandy Johnson - Governing Board

Commissioner Sandy Johnson

Broward MPO

Commissioner Nick Maddox 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Nick Maddox

Capital Region TPA

Commissioner Christopher Constance 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Christopher Constance

Charlotte County-Punta Gorda MPO

Commissioner William McDaniel - Governing Board

Commissioner William McDaniel Jr.

Collier MPO

Commissioner Robert Bender 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Robert Bender

Florida-Alabama TPO

Commissioner Dave Eggers 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Dave Eggers

Forward Pinellas

Commissioner Gail Johnson - Governing Board

Commissioner Gail Johnson

Gainesville MTPO

Commissioner Terry Burroughs 104x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Terry Burroughs

Heartland Regional TPO

Commissioner Jeff Kinnard 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Jeff Kinnard

Hernando/Citrus MPO

Commissioner Pat Kemp 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Pat Kemp

Hillsborough County MPO

Commissioner Susan Adams - Governing Board

Commissioner Susan Adams

Indian River County MPO

Mayor Nick Girone 100x150 - Governing Board

Mayor Nick Girone

Lake-Sumter MPO

Councilmember Fred Forbes 100x150 - Governing Board

Councilmember Fred Forbes

Lee County MPO

Commissioner Doug Smith - Governing Board

Commissioner Doug Smith

Martin MPO

Commissioner Cheryl Greib 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Cheryl Greib

MetroPlan Orlando

Mayor Oliver Gilbert III 100x150 - Governing Board

Mayor Oliver G. Gilbert III

Miami-Dade TPO

Commissioner James Johns  - Governing Board

Commissioner James Johns

North Florida TPO

Commissioner David Moore 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner David Moore

Ocala/Marion County TPO

Mayor Dick Rynearson 100x150 - Governing Board

Mayor Dick Rynearson

Okaloosa-Walton TPO

Commissioner Robert Weinroth 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Robert Weinroth

Palm Beach MPO

Mayor Camilie Hernandez 100x150 - Governing Board

Mayor Camille Hernandez

Pasco County MPO

Commissioner Nat Birdsong 100x150 - Governing Board

Mayor Pro Tem Nathaniel Birdsong

Polk TPO

Commissioner Rob Gilliland 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Rob Gilliland

River to Sea TPO

Commissioner Vanessa Baugh 100x150 - Governing Board

Commissioner Vanessa Baugh

Sarasota/Manatee MPO

Mayor Kathy Meehan 100x150 - Governing Board

Mayor Kathy Meehan

Space Coast TPO

Ms. Kathryn Hensley 100x150 - Governing Board

Ms. Kathryn Hensley

St. Lucie Public Schools